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Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD


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  • Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD Special Features

    Actors: Richard Armitage,Rhys Ifans
    Boxed Set: Yes    
    Number of discs: 9
    Condition: New    
    Region: Region Free    
    Weight: 1 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
    DVD Release Date: 2017

    Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD Photos

    Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD Box Set

    Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD Overview

    This episode takes place entirely during one day at Hector's southern Spain hideout. Despite Hector's alarm at being found, Daniel manages to persuade Hector to re-adopt an old CIA cover of his as international arms dealer Andrew Chevalier and help Daniel close the deal with Otto. Otto pays Andrew a down payment and places an order for 120 kg of Semtex and other explosives,Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 DVD but Lena then discovers that Armando is a BfV agent. When Trevor stops Otto from killing Armando, Armando takes Lena hostage and tries to flee, only to crash his car. Daniel and Hector find him,Berlin Station Seasons 1-3 albeit seriously wounded, and Armando threatens to reveal Daniel's real identity if they let Otto capture him. Hector then kills Armando to prevent this, and "Andrew" then joins Otto, Lena and "Trevor" to return to Germany for the arms delivery in ten days.