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Doctor Who Season 8 DVD


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  • Product Information of Doctor Who Season 8 DVD

    Actors: Various
    Directors: Various
    Format: Multiple Formats, Box set, NTSC
    Language: English
    Region: Region Free
    Aspect Ratio: 1.33:1
    discs: 5
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)
    Studio: BBC Home Entertainment
    DVD Release Date: 2014
    Run Time: 602 minutes

    Summary of Doctor Who Season 8 DVD

    After a failed date with Danny Pink, Clara returns to her home to find the Doctor awaiting her. He seeks a creature he believes to have perfected its ability to hide, that stalks humankind and is responsible for a dream common to all humans. Using the TARDIS' telepathic circuit, the duo end up in the mid-1990s, where Clara meets Danny Pink as a boy. The Doctor and Clara comfort Danny from his fear when an unknown entity enters the boy's room. After returning to her date with Danny and failing a second time, Clara returns to the TARDIS and meets Orson Pink, a distant descendant of Danny Pink, one of Earth's first time travelers stranded at the end of the universe. After a brief moment with the entity, Clara triggers the TARDIS' departure to an unknown barn, where she finds a crying child. Hiding beneath the bed, she realises that the child is the Doctor in his younger years. When the boy gets out of the bed, Clara accidentally grabs his leg, and she realises that she is the monster under the bed. She comforts him with the notion of fear being a constant companion that can bring out the good in him, where one day he'll return to the barn during the moment of his greatest fear. Clara leaves, forcing the Doctor to not see where they had been. Clara and Danny reconcile, and the Doctor rejects the notion of the unknown entity ever existing.