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Minority Report Season 1 DVD


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  • Product Information of Minority Report Season 1 DVD

    Actors: Stark Sands,Meagan Good,Nick Zano
    Directors: Philip K. Dick,Scott Frank
    Genres: Drama, crime
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English
    Number of discs: 3
    Studio: Paramount
    DVD Release Date: 2015
    Rating: Not Rated
    Format: Support Both NTSC & PAL
    Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 - English

    Minority Report Season 1 DVD Box Set

    Summary of Minority Report Season 1 DVD

    A nurse at Open Vista, a rehab institution for former Precrime convicts suffering from a brain disorder caused by the halo containment system, is murdered by one of her patients,Minority Report Season 1 DVD who then commits suicide to avoid arrest. Agatha tries to persuade Dash to return home. Dash foresees the murder of Peter Van Eyck's wife. He was the deputy chief of Precrime and is now campaigning, advocating the Hawk-Eye program for data-driven predictive policing. Dash meets with Wally, their former caretaker, and finally with Arthur who gives the missing location of another Open Vista patient who is seeking revenge for having lost his wife due to Precrime. Arthur and Agatha discuss to keep an eye on Vega because Agatha has a vision of the three of them being taken, while Dash is unable to see his own future.The Precrime program was abolished and the three precogs, Agatha and her twin brothers Dash and Arthur, were sent to an island. Their records were erased and they had to promise not to intervene in the future. In 2065 in Washington, D.C., Dash is haunted by visions of murders. However, without his twin brother, he is lacking numbers and names he would need to prevent them, so he contacts Detective Lara Vega.