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Scorpion Season 1 DVD


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  • Product Information of Scorpion Season 1 DVD

    Language: English
    Discs: 6 pcs
    Boxed Set: Yes 
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Release date: 2015       
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Region: Region Free
    Genre: Drama, Action

    Scorpion Season 1 DVD

    Summary of Scorpion Season 1 DVD

    Team Scorpion must help Ralph when the FBI questions him after his dark web game play inadvertently reveals the location of a CIA safe house and results in the murder of CIA operatives.Elyes Gabel as Walter O'Brien, a genius with a 197 IQ who in the pilot is struggling to keep his small company Scorpion afloat. He is the leader of Team Scorpion. Agent Gallo was the person who brought him from Dublin, Ireland to America after O'Brien hacked into NASA computers to get a set of blueprints for his wall. While they worked together for several years,Scorpion Season 1 DVD O'Brien split with Gallo around age 16 when 2,000 civilians were killed after the U.S. bombed Iraq using software O'Brien provided for what he had originally thought would be used for humanitarian purposes.