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The Walking Dead Season 7 DVD


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  • Product Information of The Walking Dead Season 7 DVD

    Actors: Andrew Lincoln, Chandler Riggs
    Language: English
    Boxed Set: Yes    
    Number of discs: 3
    Condition: New    
    Region: Region Free    
    Weight: 0.4 kg
    Format: Support both NTSC & PAL    
    Rated: NR (Not Rated)    
    DVD Release Date: 2016

    The Walking Dead Season 7 DVD

    Summary of The Walking Dead Season 7 DVD

    Rick and Daryl meet Jesus and, moving past adversarial reactions, accept his invitation to trade for food at The Hilltop. Learning the Hilltop is being extorted, they make a deal to kill Negan and take-out the Saviors for half of the Hilltop's supplies. Rick and more than a dozen of his best people make a well-executed attack on the Saviors compound,The Walking Dead Season 7 DVD wiping it out, and while Carol and Maggie are taken hostage the two women are able to kill their captors. Having killed nearly twice the largest number of Saviors seen by Hilltop residents, including one who claimed to be Negan,The Walking Dead Season 7 Rick's group feel they have eliminated them as a threat and Alexandria relaxes into easy routines. Rick and Michonne become a couple, while Abraham leaves Rosita for Sasha; Rosita rebounds with Spencer, while Tara has begun a relationship with Denise and Carol with Tobin.